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eCTRL Solutions is a company specialized in e-Tourism Services and Technologies for Web and Mobile devices.

The company conducts research dedicated to eTourism and subsequent design, development and marketing of software applications or complete web portals.

To the innovative eCTRL components, specifically studied and developed for tourism (Travel Plan management, Recommendation system for tourism products, interactive maps, social networking), we combine the best open source portal server technologies available.

We also provide specialist consultancy and advanced development activities in designing and implementing complex web systems.


eCTRL Solutions Srl was born in August 2005 as a technological spin-off company from a research activity begun in July 2000 within the eCommerce and Tourism Research Laboratory (eCTRL) of ITC-irst (now FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler), a well known Italian research institute specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Microelectronic sectors based in Trento.

The lab research activity, in collaboration with key actors in eCommerce and Tourism, has led to developing and optimizing the Travel Plan management and personal Recommendation Technology called Suggesto®.

In the latest years our expertise and competence have increased and led to further developments in our product: Tripadvice has evolved into the current technological platform Suggesto® for Travel. Nowadays several sites are using it: some employ all of its functionalities (www.atl.biella.it), others have integrated a number of its applicative solutions (www.visitfinland.com). For further information, see Solutions section.

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