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The reality of the Web is increasingly complex and crowded! The winning card is standing out. How? Leveraging technologies (Web 2.0) that are smart and able to understand the needs of your online browser: making it easy to find the desired information, making sure it is clear and simple, but most of all personalized! Tailored made products, services and offers: with Suggesto® for Travel it is possible!


  • Sperimentazione del progetto Mesch al Museo della Guerra

    Al Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra presso Roverto è in corso la sperimentazione del progetto europeo meSch (Material EncounterS with digital Cultural Heritage), a cui ECTRL partecipa come partner. Tra il 20 e il 31 ottobre 2015, presso la sezione "Artiglierie" del Museo della Guerra, verrà proposto un percorso di visita-sperimentazione in cui i visitatori verranno immersi in un'esperienza dedicata alla storia del Forte Pozzacchio,...

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    26 October 2015
  • Mottolinogo New Livigno Tourism Portal

    The new tourist portal implemented for Mottolinogo, online travel agency based in Livigno, is online.

    Thanks to tourists can create, book and buy a full personalized vacation by choosing the hotel, activities to be performed, and renting the preferred sports equipment. Tourist can then buy the whole dynamically built package in only one transaction.

    The portal exploit the latest development of the Suggesto Portal platform, extended with booking support, eCommerce and integration with online renting services.

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    11 August 2015
  • Mercatini di Natale di Trento

    Inaugurati oggi, 22 Novembre 2014, i Mercatini di Natale di Trento. Il sito ufficiale realizzato da ECTRL Solutions aiuta i visitatori ad avere informazioni sull'iniziativa e forisce informazioni dettagliate e gelocalizzate sulle casette degli espositori di Piazza Fiera e Piazza Battisti.

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    22 November 2014
  • sito hotel Buonconsiglio online

    E' online il sito dell'Hotel Buonconsiglio realizzato da ECTRL. Grazie al booking engine SEEKDA, distribuito da ECTRL in Trentino, Veneto, Umbria e Lombardia e alla sua integrazione ottimale nel sito, è stato possibile massimizzare le conversioni di accesso al sito in prenotazioni. Le conversioni vengono poi misurate e ottimzzate grazie a Suggesto Travel Monitor.

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    21 November 2014
  • ECTRL Partner SEEKDA

    ECTRL Solutions is SEEKDA partner, leader company in the booking engine and  channel manager technologies.

    ECTRL Solutions sells SEEKDA products and provides support to hoteliers who want to manage all the booking channels of the online market from one place.

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    28 August 2014

Advantages for you


TARGETED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: tailored offers, customized services, proper planning of promotions. For marketing efforts even more effective!


USERS PROFILES: detailed data on market trends, preferences and characteristics of your users. To know your tourist more in detail!

Advantages for your users


SAVE TIME: the user receives tailored responses because the system is intelligent and suggests the right solution fitting his needs.


SOCIAL NETWORK SHARING: the user may choose to share his travel experiences with his friends helping spread the virtual word of mouth.



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